I peeked this TED Talk today and was pretty impressed. Shirky does many things really well in this presentation, but most notably: He smartly and succinctly summarizes the entire “transforming media landscape” X “social / digital media is important and why” meme we have all come to know and love over the past 5 years. He clearly illustrates the best example of social media in a China to date – better than any of us so-called Chinese digital experts have done. [Hail the power of…Continue Reading “Clay shirky kills it, enough said”

Due to China’s digital censorship regime (playfully known as the “Net Nanny”), politics can sometimes be tricky to talk about on the Chinese Internet. On websites affiliated with Chinese state-run / owned media organizations, conversation can carry on freely within the boundaries the sites have set up for themselves, but on more independent venues, Chinese netizens often have to resort to typographical tricks or character substitutions to mention people, places, and events whose names may be deemed “sensitive words” by the Net Nanny. In general,…Continue Reading “politics on the chinese internet”

Taken in Shanghai inside Even Penniless, a women’s boutique on Changle Rd., near Ruijin Rd. I quite like this shop, it’s full of minimalist black, white, and grey clothing designed by Shanghai-based fashionisto Gao Xin. There is not a woman on the planet that wouldn’t look great in his stuff. I wish he had a men’s line.