Taken in Beijing, on West Dawang Rd. close to the Guanghua Rd. intersection. I snapped this photo without much thought, but it has turned out to be one of the best photographs I’ve ever taken. The funny thing is – I took it with my iPhone. With all due respect to an otherwise great device, the iPhone camera is usually a mediocre-at-best camera.

I noticed these protest banners on my way into work this morning. I wonder how long they will stay there. The photos below were taken in Shanghai at the intersection of Middle Huaihai Rd. and Huating Rd. The first one says: 上交响迁建严重扰民破坏和谐, meaning “The relocation of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra to a new building seriously disturbs the people and is destroying (social) harmony.” The second one says: 上交响不要论为破坏历史建筑的罪人, meaning “The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra should not turn into criminals against historical architecture.” Does anyone know why…Continue Reading “Protest in shanghai”

Taken in Shanghai in an alleyway near the intersection of Middle Fuxing Rd. and Baoqing Rd. Maybe I’m the only one, but I quite like the glass chard aesthetic atop Exam status  in China. On some level, I think it’s artistic. I’ve seen it done with multi-colored glass and even with bits and pieces of smashed wine bottles.