The donut

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My dad always told me that my taste buds would change as I got older. He would usually tell me right as he turned down a bite of something sweet. He was mostly right, but he inexplicably failed to mention that donuts were exempt.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the Donut King at Grand Gateway Mall in Xujiahui. Having sampled (and been disappointed) by Mister Donut and Dunkin’ Donuts efforts in Shanghai, I agreed to grant Donut King a shot at The Throne.

While I cannot speak to the caliber of the prepared donuts, I can testify that the cinnamon sugar donut is the best donut in Shanghai. The fine folks at Donut King drop dough into a magic, frying donut machine (see below) and a minute later emerges for some a quick sugar coating and then — voila! — you have fresh, warm, cinnamon sugar goodness.

In addition, while the taste is regal, the cost is only a pedestrian RMB 6; available at Grand Gateway in Xujiahui or at 1649 Nanjing Xilu in front of Jingan Park. [full disclosure: surprisingly, this is NOT an advertisement, but rather just an observation from an inspired donut lover]


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